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Spooky Halloween Shoot https://michellewicklandsims.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/10/spooky-halloween-shoot Have a Party Photo shoot for only £75.


For only £75 you get your very own party photographer. Each child* gets there very own photo jpg image for mums and dads to use on there phones and i pads. This price also includes one group shot large size jpg to share out. Don't worry I do not need much space just a corner of a room, or a small space in a spare room to set up a back drop.Your photos will be on your very own folder on my web site and can be e mailed to you the very next day.

*up to 10 children - each child over this number will be an extra £5 per child per jpg. Sibling pictures and friends together can be taken on the day if time allows but will be an extra £15 charge for the jpg if purchased. It can be a really great addition to your party, Its great fun the kids love it. 


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A Year Goes By package

This gets you 3 sessions within a year, starting from your first session date.   
All dates need to be booked when payment is made, Of course I try to be flexable as children
 especially youg babies can be unpridictable but i can not garuntee any dates unless they 
have been pree booked. Due to weekends being in demand this package  offers you one
 weekend sessions and two weekday sessions including term holidays but not bank holidays.
when the package is booked the named children will be the center of all three shoots
Within these shoots you can have one friends shoot or party shoot    
On these days you get 1 -2 hours. Most of the photos will be centered around named members 
I can not  garuntee all other guests being photographed.       
But group photos really help with this.        
A personilised page on my web site will be set up within 2 weeks of your session
for you to look at your pictures at home. You get to choose 6 of your favourates to use on phones
and ipads but these will be small files and not good enough to print from.  
I will ask you to pick up to 20 pictures after each session to be used in your final Album. 
I will off course give advise with choices to help  make the Album as diverse and beautiful as possible.
After your last session you will soon after recieve a full disc of all chosen pictures and with in
a few weeks you will get to see your Album proof, which we can go through and make any  
changes before it goes to print.

Cost £750 plus Vat



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